Thanks, I Needed A Laugh

Rick Perry (the Ricker) is a serious about making another run for the White House.  The writers for Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are rejoicing. This is going nowhere frankly.

Ricker had his chance in 2012 and he blew it.  When he entered the race in August 2011 Perry was an instant contender.  In reality this had little to do with him and everything to do with the GOP’s unease with Mitt Romney.  In 2016, Republican voters don’t have unease about their choices so Perry won’t have that to benefit from.  Don’t look for Perry to last long and he’ll be lucky to get beyond Iowa.


Stoking Resentment Even More, If That Is Even Possible

Potential Republican candidate, and guaranteed drop out after the New Hampshire primary, Peter King has said he wants President Obama to say at least one nice thing about Officer Darren Wilson. King is really playing to the resentment of older white voters with that kind of talk, as though the President were taking sides in this matter and of course the black President is against the white guy.  Talk like this is ridiculous and only creates worse feelings in a bad situation.

Considering Wilson now has his freedom and is alive, you’d think that would be enough.  Apparently not for Congressman King and the Archie Bunkers of this world.

Everyone is Going to Freak Out

Every prominent Republican thinking about running for President is going to collectively freak out tonight the moment after President Obama finishes speaking tonight.  Granted many of them, Ted Cruz, have already started stoking the fires so after it’s announced this will only get worse.

Look for what Steve King and Joni Ernst of Iowa says about the President’s actions. Given their position in the big caucus state every Republican will try to cozy up to them.

The Ghost of Eric Cantor

Many in the GOP are complaining about President Obama’s upcoming executive order on immigration.  Some in the party are saying the President should give them a chance to pass their own version of immigration.  If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

The GOP Congress will not pass immigration reform now, in 6 weeks, in 6 months, or in 6 years.  Why?  Two words for you.  Eric Cantor.

If the House Majority Leader can lose a primary to an unknown over this issue, you can bet your house and ass that no one in the party wants to take this issue up for fear of losing in a primary 18 months from now.   If it can happen to Cantor they all fear it will happen to them.

The GOP leadership is going to complain about Obama acting unilaterally.  Maybe the should direct their complaints at their base who remain the biggest obstacle to this needed reform.

Rand’s Running, Well Duh!

As part of their commitment to being on the cutting edge of journalism Politico write that it’s 95% certain Rand Paul will run for President in 2016.  Next they’ll be writing and in-depth series on how the Pope is a Catholic and ice is cold.

This has been a certainty since Paul won his Senate seat in 2010.  The real question is whether he can win anything.  I have my doubts.  Don’t be surprised if he keeps alive the family streak of not winning any states in a GOP primary.