Back for More Crap

James Carville once said running for President is kind of like sex, most people want to do it more than once.  In this spirit, Rick Santorum has decided to get screwed over once again.  The two-term Pennsylvania Republican Senator is going to give it another go in 2016.  Santorum, who shocked the political world by winning the Iowa Caucuses and came with about 2 percentage points in Ohio or Michigan from throwing the 2012 GOP race into chaos, will start out as an underdog.  However, that is where he began last time.

If he is going to be in the mix Santorum will need the support of social conservatives, who were critical to his campaign last time.  Can you get them?  He will certainly have challengers in the form of Cruz, Paul and Huckabee.  One advantage he has is that this isn’t his first rodeo.  Unlike Paul and Cruz, has been through this before so there are no new revelations about him to be unearthed.  If you don’t believe me Google it.

Honestly, Santorum is yesterday’s news who caught the anti-Romney wave in the 2012 primary at just the right time.  This time he won’t have Willard Romney to kick around so I really doubt he’ll get out of single digits in the polls.  He will probably grab the most headlines with his passionate attacks on gay marriage and the GOP becoming more socially moderate.  Surely, he’ll go after any candidate who dears to push the party in that direction.


Thanks, I Needed A Laugh

Rick Perry (the Ricker) is a serious about making another run for the White House.  The writers for Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are rejoicing. This is going nowhere frankly.

Ricker had his chance in 2012 and he blew it.  When he entered the race in August 2011 Perry was an instant contender.  In reality this had little to do with him and everything to do with the GOP’s unease with Mitt Romney.  In 2016, Republican voters don’t have unease about their choices so Perry won’t have that to benefit from.  Don’t look for Perry to last long and he’ll be lucky to get beyond Iowa.

Willard Is Dialing for Love

Last week Mitt Romney spent Tuesday night and Wednesday calling successful GOP candidates.  Is this a sign he wants one more shot at the White House?  The last person to be a party’s nominee and lose who was able to come back and actually win the White House was Richard Nixon.  That was a long time ago politically and it comes to determination Mitt Romney is NO Richard Nixon.

A Resume President?

Ohio Senator Rob Portman is considering a run for the White House.  The former Congressman, Trade Rep, and Budget Director for George W. Bush (not that I’d brag out that one) certainly has the experience to do the job.  Of course having a long resume usually gets you el zippo in the Presidential primary process.  You can ask Bill Richardson and Lamar! Alexander if you don’t believe me.

Would he be a formidable general election candidate?  Yes if only because of his ability to make Ohio competitive.  Could he make it through the primary?  Really doubt it.  Among the Bush wing of the GOP he is at least third behind Christie and Jeb Bush.  If Romney runs again he could even be fourth. That alone makes fundraising really hard.  Given Portman’s connection to the Bush administration, Portman will never be Tea Party guy.

Of course, Portman would gather some attention just because he has a gay son and during debates over social issues that would certainly come up and add some spice to the debate.

Mitt’s Not It

A new poll of Republicans in New Hampshire is being used to show Mitt Romney isn’t exactly setting their hearts a flutter. However the fact that Romney gets 6% while being lumped in with the someone else category is not the real news. If you look at the results below it is pretty wide open:


Pretty wide open to say the lease

No one is really running away with it. Rand Pauls’ got 14% and that only leads non-candidate Jeb Bush by 2 points and fellow non-candidate Paul Ryan by 3.  No one is out of who is listed because at this point a ten point lead is worthless. 

It looks like we are in for a real dog fight, whether Willard Romney is in the race or not. 

A Party Looking Forward

The GOP has clearly learned its lessons.  The party is making a great break with the past and is marching into the future.  Really?  When you find out that Mitt Romney is in demand as a party surrogate in for the fall campaign it makes you think that isn’t necessarily true.  I get that some people in the party still like Romney and his talk about Russia looks very clairvoyant now but is this really who the GOP wants to associated with?

Does anyone else remember that he lost to Obama 51-47?  Speaking of 47 have people really forgotten his infamous 47% video?  I guess they have if they are really making comments like this:

“There is a movement afoot. . . . I’d tell him, ‘Governor Romney, people here in Wyoming and around the country would encourage you to take another look at it.’ ”

Of course Willard won’t run again.  He knows he wouldn’t even get the nomination this time.  But still for a party that needs a fresh start why they want this guy to hang around is beyond me.

Here’s How to Shut Chris Christie Up

The Supreme Court did the impossible on Monday.  They actually found a way to close Chris Christie’s yapper.  Wow.  I am impressed. Here is Christie’s reaction to the Court’s contraception ruling yesterday.

“Why should I give an opinion as to whether they were right or wrong? At the end of the day, they did what they did.”

Now that is a profile in courage.  Really.  It takes someone with real stones to say nothing when most of his party is thrilled.  For example Ted Cruz said it was a “landmark victory for religious liberty… The decision affirms that Americans, contrary to what the Obama administration attempted to impose, have a right to live and work in accordance to their conscience and can’t be forced to surrender their religious freedom once they open a business.”

Finger in the face

Want to shut me up? Put on a judges robe.

Of course Cruz was not alone in his praise.  The FOX News Channel acted like they had just won the Super Bowl and swept the Emmys all on the same day.

There is another way to look at this.

Maybe Christie’s lack of a response shows the tension many Bush Republicans feel these days.  While it is easy to throw the base a bone on this ruling there is a flip side that if the country is still debating this in 2016 many suburban moderates will be turned off to the GOP.  Look no further than Virginia and Ken Cuccinelli to see how these kind of social issues can bit the GOP even when they face weak Democratic opposition.

But can Christie, or really any potential nominee get away with being silent on these kind of issues and rulings with today’s GOP?  So many people in the party, especially at the activist level believe Romney lost because he didn’t take the fight to Obama (I guess that whole first debate thing was just an illusion).

Will they be welling to put up with someone who remains quiet or will they demand someone who storms the brigades and leads them to the glorious victory they know they’ve always deserved?  You really don’t have to think too hard to see which way that one is going.