Well duh, Matt Bevin

It looks like Matt Bevin, who is running for Senate in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell, has a new reason to fear gay marriage. Apparently if gays and lesbians can marry the following is just around the corner:

“If it’s all right to have same-sex marriages, why not define a marriage — because at the end of the day a lot of this ends up being taxes and who can visit who in the hospital and there’s other repressions and things that come with it — so a person may want to define themselves as being married to one of their children so that they can then in fact pass on certain things to that child financially and otherwise.  Where do you draw the line?”

That goes without saying.  Given that parents already have those rights regarding their children I can see why those same parents would want to marry their children.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense… on planet Fucking Crazy!!!

I am sure hipster wannabe Matt Kibbe is thrilled that FreedomWorks endorsed this guy.


Is Steve Stockman Legit?

There is a new poll showing Senator Cornyn leading challenger Congressman Steve Stockman 43-28 with 29% undecided.  This should scare Cornyn’s people some.  He is well known and has a boat load of money but for some reason is pulling under 50% against a guy no one thought would win a few weeks ago.

One thing to keep in mind Tea Party challengers have a habit of closing strong against incumbents who don’t take them seriously.  Will Stockman did it to Cornyn?

Will be interesting to see what the next round of polling says.

House of Cards – Why DC Sucks

Some in the D.C. political media HATE the show House of Cards.  They say it is not realistic and it makes D.C. looks evil.  First, it is not realistic because it’s a TELEVISION show.  The real world of Congress is really boring and filled with people who are not half as interesting as they think they are (imagine guys who really like the Dave Matthews Band and gals who make the inane morons on Sex and the City seem intelligent).  People fight over pointless things like naming Post Offices and answering constituent letters.  If people saw that reality the show would last about 3 episodes.

Second, as for D.C. looking evil, if the shoe fits fucking where it.  D.C. is not a place driven by ideas or hard work.  It’s about money.  You can walk the halls of Congress and run into way too many people who are their because dad and mom wrote a big check and now jr. gets to play staffer.  Unfortunately that does not just apply to the staffers.

Frankly, because we can’t really talk about (or let along do something about) class distinctions in this country people have to take out their frustrations in some way.  How do they do that?  By watching an anti-hero like Frank Underwood claw his way to the top with the thought that if the world were a fair place may they would have a chance to do something like that.

As I said before, it’s fantasy people.

Happy President’s Day – Who is your favorite President

Mine is Teddy Roosevelt.  His accomplishments are many.  He created the FDA, was an early supporter of national parks and conservation, he was the trust buster, built up the American navy, and built Panama Canal.  Roosevelt also redefined how people thought about the office and helped put the presidency at the center of American politics in a way it had not been before.  

Who is your favorite?

Been Watching the Olympics

Yeah, the blog has slowed down.  Sorry I’ve missed the shit sandwich Chris Christie has had to eat.  I’ve been watching the Olympics.  There is something nice about beating the Russians in their homeland.  This really proves what a big mistake it was for Carter to boycott the 1980 games.

I hope the Russian team does pick up a number of silver medals, after all Putin is a second rate thug.

John Birch Society In KY

Where is William F. Buckley when the world needs him?  If Buckley were still here he would be livid that a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate and someone who works for U.S. Senator would attend a meeting of the John Birch Society.  Yet that is exactly what Matt Bevin and someone who worked for Senator Rand Paul, at the time, did.

Buckley helped drive the Birchers, and supporters of Ayn Rand, out of the conservative movement in the 1950’s.  Yet, now it is ok for someone in the GOP to go to one of their meetings?  I know they were at CPAC a few years ago but to have candidates kissing up to them shows how pathetic some people have gotten.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail in Kentucky.