Is John Boehner Having a Tough Time

I would assume so.  Lane Kiffin was overheard saying “now that guys having a bad week.”

All kidding aside Boehner has been through this before with the GOP.  He knows what a shutdown can do politically.   It only takes 17 seats for them to be in the minority.  For all his emotional outbursts, that really is something for Boehner to cry about.


Guess the Debates Are On CNN

It looks like CNN will be able to host to some GOP debates for the 2016 primary.  The movie they were doing on Hillary Clinton just got 86’ed.  Apparently no one wanted to work with them on the project.

Hopefully this will end the RNC’s call to not allow CNN to co-sponor any debates for 2016.   If things work out we will be able to get television magic like this:


UK Party Conference Update – Red Ed Takes the Stage

Just finished watching Labour Party leader Ed Milliband deliver his speech to the party conference.  He is a a break from Tony Blair’s New Labour of the 1990’s.  Here is the full speech:

According to my friends in the U.K. the speech was very well received.  In the past the Labour Party would have been heavily criticized for so many left wing policies being championed.  I guess the times are a changing in England.

Let’s see what Cameron and the Conservatives say in response at their conference next week.

Ted Cruz Loves Ayn Rand, Or Does He?

Here is Senator Rafi Cruz talking about his love of Ayn Rand:

I wonder if he agrees with her about being pro-choice on abortion and an ardent atheist.  If he didn’t Rand would have cut him off instantly.  She was no fan of Ronald Reagan, witness her feelings on the Gipper in 1981:

Interesting to see if the Randians call out Cruz, Paul, or other politicians who profess to love Rand. There are plenty of contradictions between Cruz’s public gestures of love for her and the policies he pushes that would tick her off.

Mrs. Ricker Makes a Bad Choice

Anita Perry who is the First Lady of Texas and also Mrs. Ricker (yup, she’s Rick Perry’s old lady) has some interesting thoughts on abortion.  Here is what Politico is reporting she said:

“Yeah, that could be a women’s right.  Just like it’s a man’s right if he wants to have some kind of procedure. But I don’t agree with it, and that’s not my view.”

Well, I am guessing the Ricker might have problem with that little statement.  Ricker is very pro-life on the issue of abortion.   When he runs in 2016 you can bet Ricker will talk a great deal about his pro-life record.  Comments like this one by his wife will be part of the whisper campaign against Perry.

Of course, Wendy Davis might mention it a few times as well.

Who’s Having A Worse Weekend? Boehner or Cutler

It seems that Jay Cutler and John Boehner are both having bad weekends.  Cutler has seen three turnovers give the Detroit Lions a win over the Bears.  Boehner has seen his caucus (thanks Ted Cruz) force him into something he knows is going nowhere.

Cutler gets another chance next weekend.  Boehner is not so lucky.  He is stuck with a caucus that now knows it can force him to do whatever they want for fear of Boehner losing his position.

So it turns out Jay Cutler isn’t having such a bad weekend.  Especially when compared to John Boehner, David Moyes, and Land Kiffin.

Man Does Not On Politics Alone – USC Trojans

Well the Lane Kiffin Error finally ended this morning.  After three seasons and 5 games the Trojans fired Kiffin.  It is hard to remember that less than two years ago Kiffin coached USC to a 10-2 record and an eventual preseason #1 ranking.

That was the high water mark for Kiffin and the Trojans.  Since then it has been one bad thing after another until last night’s debacle at Arizona State.

Hopefully this is the turning point for the Trojans.  I would advise them to get someone who is a fresh start for the Trojans.