No Action Until 2017

The latest legislative shenanigans prove that nothing will happen on immigration until 2017.   If they can’t even pass a bill to deal with this supposed crisis how are the Republicans ever going to get anything more meaningful in place?

Look for that percentage of the Latino vote to continue to drop.  So in 2016 not only will more Latinos than ever be voting but a smaller percentage than ever will be voting for the GOP.  Good job guys.


One Year From Now

In 12 months we will be in the thick of the GOP 2016 primary race.  By this point we will probably have had our first debate and will have some kind of big event going on in Iowa.  Lord willing it will be the Straw Poll.  Also, all of the candidates will have announced and at least one will be in the middle of a scandal about their past.

Good times await.

Nothing to See Here

Sure, she’s been frightening and fact-averse but does that really make Lenar Whitney newsworthy?  Her ignorant denial of climate change is nothing new and her knee-jerk opposition to President Obama is hardly unique among Southern Republicans.

Yes, she’s a dumb ass.  If that alone were newsworthy Louie Gohmert would have his own cable station.   The media’s fascination with these circus freaks in suits may draw laughs but they really are nothing special.   After all this is a the same bunch that thought Bill Clinton had Vince Foster murdered.



What’s the Matter With Kansas


Apparently, Governor Brownback needs all the friends he can get.

Alot if your Sam Brownback.

The Republican Governor (and former U.S. Senator) is in real trouble.  In his race for reelection Brownback trails Democrat Paul Davis 48-40.  Granted this is only one poll but still the race is in a little over 3 months.  For an incumbent to be under 50% right now is trouble and to trailing is a really dangerous place to be hanging around.

Brownback has alienated many of the GOP’s old guard and that is causing most of this problems.  In fact, many of them are so pissed they endorsed his Democratic opponent.  You know you’ve really pissed people off when they kill whatever was left of their career by crossing over to support your opponent.

For Brownback the presence of a libertarian does not help things.  If you’re an unhappy Republican you can always use that as a protest vote and not have to feel bad about voting for the Democrats.

Keep an eye on this race.  It will certainly be one of the more interesting races in November.

FAA’s Anti-Israel? WTF??!

No one’s going to out Israel Ted Cruz.  He is will say anything to let you know he’s go Israel’s back,  even if it’s completely ridiculous.  When the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) announced a ban on US flights going into Tel Aviv, it is a war zone after all, Cruz flipped out.   The Texas Senator decided to  continue blocking confirmation of a series of ambassadorial and other diplomatic nominees in response to the FAA’s actions.

Cruz allegations the FAA’s decision is part of an economic boycott that will hurt Israel.  Of course this boycott is being led by the Obama administration.  Wait?  What about all of the rockets falling on Israel?  Wouldn’t that have something to do with the government wanting to, I don’t know, protect its citizens for going to a battle field.   Not to Senator Cruz.

By trying to whip up sentiments like this Cruz is playing to evangelical Christians who believe support for Israel is paramount to fulfilling end times prophecy.  Dont’ believe me, watch this.






Having the support of these evangelical Christians will be critical for Cruz to win Iowa and South Carolina.

Plus taking a bold stance on Israel draws a sharp contrast with Rand Paul, whose family has a checkered past with Israel, with both social and foreign policy conservatives that will help Cruz.   Let for Cruz to continue to make statements like this as the crisis in Gaza goes on.