Happy Thanksgiving

I am taking Thanksgiving off and the next three days.  Hope you all have a  great holiday weekend.


Keep An Eye on the Governor’s Races

As I said before, much of the attention will be paid to the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in next year’s elections.   I don’t get the fascination.  Everyone knows the House is going to stay in the GOP’s hands and even if the GOP retakes the Senate it will be at 52-48 majority (at best).

Neither of these changes will have a big impact politically.  Yet in many states what you will see are very competitive races for Governor. Given how the important state houses have been in recent years on issues such as gay marriage, education reform. public employee unions, implementing Obamacare, dealing with immigration and gun control, it makes more sense to focus in 2014 on the governor’s races.

Two that will be fascinating are Illinois and Pennsylvania.  It looks like the Democrats have one of their best shots for a pick up in the Keystone State as Governor Corbett trails all of his potential opponents by at least 12 points and is polling only in the low 30’s.

It is not all doom and gloom for the GOP.  They have a great shot at retaking the Illinois statehouse.  Governor Quinn is slightly ahead or just behind each of this potential challengers but polls only in the low 40’s.

You can bet this one state where the Republican Governor Association, which will be headed by Chris Christie, is going to spend big money.  After all, wouldn’t it look good to take the governorship in Barack Obama’s political home state?

Plus, when Christie runs in 2016 having the support in states like Illinois could be a good firewall against problems in more conservative states.

Man Does Not Live By Politics Alone – UMASS Basketball

After starting out 6-0 the UMass Minuteman are now 24 in the AP Poll.  It’s been a while since they’ve been in the rarified air.  Hopefully this momentum can continue.

I remember the great Calipari years at UMass and would love to see a return to that kind of excitement and attention on the school.  Kellogg was there for part of it and was an assistant under Calipari so maybe some of that rubbed off on him.

Is Cruz Sprinting in a Marathon

One might get the impression that Senator Rafi Cruz is trying to sprint in what is a marathon.  This article from the Daily Beast makes that point.  There certainly is a chance that Cruz will wear out his welcome or peek too soon.  It does happen, remember Howard Dean’s commanding leads in the summer and early fall of 2003?

Will it happen with Cruz?  Hard to say.  He is new to the national stage and spotlight that goes with that position.  If you don’ think it can have an impact ask Rand Paul about staffing problems or plagiarism.

Yet, it is pretty hard to stop the ride once you get on it.  Aside from not visiting these places or not appearing on television, which he as actively sought out since he took the oath of office, there really is no way to stop the media attention.  How Cruz handles that glare will tell you if he can be like Barack Obama and ride the attention to victory or if he’ll flame out like Howard Dean.


Will Rick Stick to His Day Job?

Seeing how Rick Santorum’s new movie studio is not setting the box office on fire, will the former-Pennsylvania Senator go back to his previous line of work?  Not that being a potential 2016 Presidential candidate with no chance of winning probably pays very well but it has to be better than being a combination of Ned Flanders and Robert Evans.

If it’s any consolation to Santorum, his Christmas film will probably outgross Blue Is the Warmest Color.  He can chalk up that little culture war victory.



Nothing Like Hyperbole On Iran

Get ready for many potential GOP candidates to engage in full throated hyperbole in reaction to the deal reached with Iran on nuclear weapons.  John Bolton, who for some reason has discussed running for President, called the agreement an abject surrender.  He went so far as to say Israel should conduct a military strike on Iran.

Over at the Weekly Standard the deal is being compared to Munich.  The only surprise in that is that it took longer than 3o seconds for it to get up on their website.

How will Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker react? Look for some hyperbole and saber rattling.

Tresting Our Patience

The Bears committed too many penalties, made poor play calling decisions (go for it when down by 10 midway through the 3rd, when the field goal is a chip shot?), turnovers, and poor defense.  This was a game they could’ve won if they played better.  If they miss the playoffs, which looks likely, they may look back on this date and see it as a major reason they are doing nothing in January.