Stoking Resentment Even More, If That Is Even Possible

Potential Republican candidate, and guaranteed drop out after the New Hampshire primary, Peter King has said he wants President Obama to say at least one nice thing about Officer Darren Wilson. King is really playing to the resentment of older white voters with that kind of talk, as though the President were taking sides in this matter and of course the black President is against the white guy.  Talk like this is ridiculous and only creates worse feelings in a bad situation.

Considering Wilson now has his freedom and is alive, you’d think that would be enough.  Apparently not for Congressman King and the Archie Bunkers of this world.


Peter King Is Running, Ok Stop Laughing


Yeah, I’m running dingbat.

It looks like we have our first candidate in the big elephant race.  Congressman Peter King (R-Archie Bunkerville) told a New Hampshire radio station he is running for President.

Of course King has no chance of winning.  He is a Northeastern Congressman who has good relations with labor unions.  Yeah, that sounds like what today’s GOP wants.

So why is going to do it?  Why spend the time and energy on a pretty hopeless cause?

Decides a great desire to spend time in Iowa and New Hampshire As has been discussed before, King is going to run on an issue.  In particular, he wants to stand up an interventionist foreign policy in the face of a growing push for non-interventionism (what some call isolationism).  While he won’t win anything King was try to use the debates to bloody up contenders like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who seem to be leading the isolationism charge.

King’s Kamikaze Bid In 2016


Here comes Peter King.

Congressman Peter King is telling people he’s serious about running for President in 2016.  King knows he has no chance of winning the race, so why is he doing it?

He’s a kamikaze pilot.

King is under no delusion that he’ll win anything.  As a Congressman he knows the historical deck is stacked against him.  No, his run is focused on stopping the advancement of what he calls the ‘Rand Paul isolationist wing’ of the party.  As a solid support of Bush’s foreign policy, King is on the side of McCain, Graham, and Christie when it comes to national security and wants nothing to do with isolationists.

Being the former head of the Homeland Security Committee and representing a district that lost many people on 9/11 King comes at this issue with a position of gravitas.

I can almost picture the exchanges between him and Paul in a debate.  Unlike when Giuliani took on Paul’s dad, King doesn’t have to worry about trying to win so he can go all out in trying to take down Paul.

Also, King will probably remind people that the Paul’s do not have the best relationship with Israel:

More shots King can take the more he’ll weaken Paul and create an opening for someone like Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, or Scott Walker.



King Me? Really?

In a move that will generate confusion and laughs, New York Congressman Peter King is contemplating running for President in 2016.  On the plus side he has working class appeal, is seen as an expert in GOP circles on foreign policy and homeland security issues and would do well on Long Island.

On the negative side for his campaign he is an old, ethnic guy from the Northeast running in a party that is controlled by Southern WASPs. He is also seen as too cozy with the unions and has been criticized by the National Right to Work Committee for years.  His pushing of a House version of the Manchin-Toomey bill will not win him any friends with conservative activists.


At least someone else wants Peter King to run

His mix of aggressive foreign policy, support for unions, and social conservatism (minus guns) will help the GOP get the three or four Archie Bunkers out there who don’t already vote Republican.  Otherwise he offers nothing new to the party and probably won’t make it past the summer of 2015.

If King is smart he will stay in Congress.  Running could also end up costing him his seat.  History is filled with numerous example of this including Bob Dornan, Thaddeus McCotter, or Chris Dodd.