John McCain’s the Greatest Con Man of All-time?

Apparently John McCain (Johnny Mac) really hates the Pauls, or he has something for Hillary Clinton.  When asked who he’s vote for if it was Rand Paul v. Hillary Clinton in fall 2016,  Johnny Mac joked it would be a tough choice.

Of course maybe confirms all the rumors that Johnny Mac has always secretly been a liberal.  If that is true he really is one of the greatest con artists of all-time.  Look at how far he took this con:

That or there is something about Rand Paul that turns off elements of the Republican party.


Has the Tea Party Changed Focus

Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal has a new article asking if the Tea Party has peaked.  Pointing to a lack of serious primary challengers for people like Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn, Kraushaar says some of the intensity of 2010 is gone.

I think the jury is out.

One thing about Tea Party challengers is that they are catch fire late.  At this point in 2009 everyone thought Rick Lazio, Michael Castle, Bob Bennett, and Sue Lowden all looked like winners in the GOP primary.  All of them lost to insurgent’s who caught fire late.  So don’t count out any challengers just yet.

Second, why primary the House?  Boehner is scared to death and isn’t going to move legislation like immigration.  The one time he tried with the farm bill he got burned.

What the Tea Party might also be doing is switching its energies to 2016.  If they got behind just one candidate (unlike in 2012) that person would be in a tough place to beat.

Christie – Paul’s KY Likes Big Government

It’s on like Donkey Kong between Rand Paul and Chris Christie.  The New Jersey Governor hit the Kentucky Senator with this knowledge:

If Kentucky takes in more money than it sends to Washington, DC than this could be a good way for Paul to show his less government bona fides by cutting some of the money they get.  Will this happen?  I think he’ll try but ultimately be unsuccessful and shoot just had to accept the money.

More importantly than all that is Christie’s direct attacking style is on full display.  He’s a fighter who only knows how to go for the knock out.  There is no dancing around with Christie.

Aside from Libertarians, who will find him to be a repulsive Philistine, Republicans and even most grassroots conservatives will eat this up.

Culture War Summer Reunion Tour Heads to Raleigh

Fresh off its Rust Belt swing the Culture War Summer Reunion tour made a stop over in the Tar Heel state.  Republican Governor Pat McCrory signed legislation that will cause most abortion clinics to close in North Carolina.

Of course this move will be praised by all of the GOP candidates for President.  Question is will a Wendy Davis-style figure emerge in North Carolina?

Unlike Davis in Texas, this person might have a chance to actually win statewide because North Carolina is becoming a Purple State (they have a Democratic U.S. Senator, Obama won there in 2008 and almost did it again in 2012).  This kind of a move could speed up that purpling.