Look Out Granite State Here Comes the Ricker!

The Ricker, Texas Governor Rick Perry to you and me, is ready to test the waters again.  He’s going up to New Hampshire for a few visits.  This trip is meant to see if there is any interest in the Ricker running for the White House.  I can’t see there being much but, let’s be honest, Perry is stupid enough to think there is and get into the race for at least a little while.

Since he won’t be governor of Texas anymore and his poll numbers will start off low it’s going to be very hard for him to raise money early on.  Oh what a change from summer 2011.


Get Ready for Some Cruzing

No, I am not talking about the Al Pacino gay-killer 70’s movie.  Instead I am referring to Ted Cruz staffing up for a probable 2016 run.  Cruz is pulling together a team that has solid Iowa experience.  The Texas senator knows this will stoke the fires over a possible presidential bid.  Frankly, that is exactly the way he likes it. 

Interesting to see how Cruz tries to play it in New Hampshire.  Will he go all in or will he focus on Iowa and hope momentum carries him to victory in the Granite state? That’ll tell you how serious he is about winning. 

Mitt’s Not It

A new poll of Republicans in New Hampshire is being used to show Mitt Romney isn’t exactly setting their hearts a flutter. However the fact that Romney gets 6% while being lumped in with the someone else category is not the real news. If you look at the results below it is pretty wide open:


Pretty wide open to say the lease

No one is really running away with it. Rand Pauls’ got 14% and that only leads non-candidate Jeb Bush by 2 points and fellow non-candidate Paul Ryan by 3.  No one is out of who is listed because at this point a ten point lead is worthless. 

It looks like we are in for a real dog fight, whether Willard Romney is in the race or not.