If His Brother Can Do it Why Not

It may not be the most inspiring slogan, but Jeb Bush is probably hoping most people are thinking that.  The former Florida Governor and son/brother of President is giving all the signals that he’s going to run in 2016.  I’ve thought and posted that he wouldn’t do it for a number of reasons.  Turns out I might be wrong.  Given his name ID, obvious support among the Bush wing of the GOP, and ability to compete in Florida in a general election, Bush would be a strong candidate.

However, he has some big obstacles to overcome.  First, it’s not like the last President Bush was all that popular at the end of his second term.  In a general election that will definitely be a factor.  Second, he goes against the CPAC crowd on issues including immigration reform and Common Core education standards.  Third, it’s not he is a fresh face and is a little rusty, considering he hasn’t run for anything since 2002 (that’s 12 years kids).

If Bush does just in, if only because of name ID, he’ll jump to the top of the polls.  Can he stay there?


Hitting the Road with Jeb

Jeb Bush is taking his show on the road. He has been to New York City and Wisconsin talking Obamacare and other issues.  Is this the signal that Bush is a serious candidate for 2016?

I still have my doubts.

If he did run he would start off as the party establishment’s first choice.  But there are things that could be real road blocks to me.  First, he is a big supporter of immigration reform.  You can ask Marco Rubio how well that helps you on the polls.

Second, he is for Common Core.  This sleeper issue is something that is firing up the opposition of groups like FreedomWorks.  Conservatives like Mike Pence have been fighting against it as well.  So it will be brought up.

Lastly, there still might be some Bush fatigue.  It’s not like his brother left on a high note.

Whatever decision Bush makes you can bet it will shake up the 2016 race.

A Sleeper Issue?

There is a growing movement on the right, with some support from the left, to oppose Common Core education standards.  Common Core is a national set of standards that was first developed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is supported by the National Governor’s Association.

Some on the right, like FreedomWorks, are saying it’s a federal take over of education.  They even call in ObamaCore, although it is supported by many Republicans (including Jeb Bush).  Here’s a recent video by FreedomWorks on this:

It will be interesting to see if anyone with an itch to run in 2016 will take up this fight. In a primary where the big issues are being debates (foreign policy, immigration, and social policy) why shouldn’t education be part of the mix?