Ryan’s Hope

Paul Ryan is clearly an ambitious man.  He either wants to be President or Speaker of the House.  That explains why in a recent debate he said didn’t know if humans caused climate change, and that scientists didn’t know either.  Such a statement is designed to appeal to the party’s base and to many of its big money donors.  Those are two groups Ryan will need if he wants to go further in either pursuit.  Which office will he go for?  That’s a question we’ll find out soon enough.


Nothing to See Here

Sure, she’s been frightening and fact-averse but does that really make Lenar Whitney newsworthy?  Her ignorant denial of climate change is nothing new and her knee-jerk opposition to President Obama is hardly unique among Southern Republicans.

Yes, she’s a dumb ass.  If that alone were newsworthy Louie Gohmert would have his own cable station.   The media’s fascination with these circus freaks in suits may draw laughs but they really are nothing special.   After all this is a the same bunch that thought Bill Clinton had Vince Foster murdered.



Global Warming Reaction

Right now large parts of the country are baking in a heat wave.  Will this persuade any of the major GOP candidates to speak out on the need to combat global warming?


Scientific data can be what it is, caucus goers and primary voters in the GOP don’t give a shit.  They are in full denial mode and there ain’t no changing that. Any candidate who tries to change that is wasting their time.