Rand Paul Wrote the Forward for Book by 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

That’s not entirely accurate but you can bet your ass messages like that are going to start coming at Rand Paul since he wrote the forward for a book by Judge Andrew Napolitano.  Not that book has nothing to deal with 9/11, or the ridiculously stupid idea that 9/11 was inside job,  but in the heat of a Presidential campaign details like that are pretty small potatoes.  If Paul has to spend time defending himself or refuting attacks like this it is less time he has to put out his message.

In addition, Paul’s pal Napolitano has a history of attacking Abraham Lincoln.  That doesn’t play well with most people either.

Is that fair to bring this stuff up as a way to judge Paul?  Not really.  Is it life in a Presidential campaign?  You bet your ass.

This story really highlights one of Paul’s biggest weaknesses.  He does surround himself with a collection of neo-Confederates, conspiracy theorists, and kooks.  Napolitano is not the first.  Anyone remember the South Avenger who worked for Paul?  The more Paul campaigns for President the more these associations are going to come out.  If it is brought up by a Republican opponent Paul won’t be able to blame the media or some liberal conspiracy.

Do people really want a President who pals around with 9/11 conspiracy theorists or pro-Confederates?  If you’re a Republican running for re-election do you want questions about who your nominee for President is buddies with?  Guess we’ll find out.


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