A Resume President?

Ohio Senator Rob Portman is considering a run for the White House.  The former Congressman, Trade Rep, and Budget Director for George W. Bush (not that I’d brag out that one) certainly has the experience to do the job.  Of course having a long resume usually gets you el zippo in the Presidential primary process.  You can ask Bill Richardson and Lamar! Alexander if you don’t believe me.

Would he be a formidable general election candidate?  Yes if only because of his ability to make Ohio competitive.  Could he make it through the primary?  Really doubt it.  Among the Bush wing of the GOP he is at least third behind Christie and Jeb Bush.  If Romney runs again he could even be fourth. That alone makes fundraising really hard.  Given Portman’s connection to the Bush administration, Portman will never be Tea Party guy.

Of course, Portman would gather some attention just because he has a gay son and during debates over social issues that would certainly come up and add some spice to the debate.


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