Obama Is the Worst President Ever* – Jobs

* = At Communications

This is the ninth consecutive months the economy has created at least 200,000 new jobs. Over the past 6 years of the Obama presidency, coming out of the Great Recession, the US economy has created 10,500,000 new jobs overall.  Did you hear any of this positive messaging during the Democrat’s recent campaign?  How much do you hear Obama and company proudly talk about their jobs record, without qualifying it by saying “we have more work to do” or “I know some people are unhappy?”

If this were the GOP under Bush or Reagan they would beat you over the head with those good numbers every chance they got.

At least part of the failure on Tuesday night needs to be laid at the feet of the communications people in the White House, DCCC, DNC, DSCC who failed to get that message out.


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