Sorry Mike

When I listed possible GOP candidates one I forgot to include was Mike Huckabee.  The former Arkansas Governor is certainly popular with Evangelicals and has one of the more likable personas of the any of the party’s candidates.  In many polls he does well.  CNN found him to be the leader in Iowa in a September survey of Republicans.

For some reason I just can’t see him running.  First, he knows he’s not going to win.  Second, there are other candidates who espouse his views on cultural issues like abortion, gay marriage, and guns.  Third, and most importantly, he’d have to give up the TV show and the money that comes with it.

Let’s be honest Mike did well by running in 2008.  He got a tv show, wrote a book, newspaper columns, and had radio show because of it.  All of which paid well for him.  He now has a big house in Florida and probably stays somewhere very nice when he goes to the New York City to tape his tv show.  Not bad for someone no one outside of Arkansas had heard of this time in 2006.

You think he wants to trade that to work 16 hour days and trudge from event to event in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina over the next year?

I didn’t think so either.


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