Is Rand Paul the New John Edwards?

It turns out Rand Paul had a bad night on Tuesday.  Oh, his party took over the U.S. Senate and won a bunch of governor’s races.  However his party didn’t take the Kentucky State House of Representatives.  That means there will be no change to the state’s rules that prevent someone from running for the U.S. Senate and President.  Meaning that Rand Paul has to pick one.

What will he do?

Both have there drawbacks.  If he says no the White House much of the media fawning will end (you think Time will feature him on the cover again if he stays in the Senate? me neither) but if he runs and loses the nomination (which he probably will) his career ends then as well.

Washington is full of people who burst on to the scene and fade away quickly.  Don’t believe me, just ask John Edwards.


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