The Dumbest Thing You’ll Hear Today

Cable news will ask one ridiculous question over and over today, “Can the new GOP led Senate work with the President and get something done?”  Why is it stupid to ask this?  Of course they CAN get something done.  The real question is do they want to?  What incentive do they have?

Think about it for a minute.  For two years the GOP refused to work with Obama on a number of issues, most notably immigration reform, and then went on the campaign trail and blamed the President for getting nothing done.  What happened when they put this to the voters?  They just retook the US Senate and grew their majorities in the House. Last night was not a call to work together it was a vindication of doing nothing.

If America was looking for a two-minute offense in the final quarter of the Obama administration it actually ended up voting for taking a knee with time on the clock.


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