Big Winner Last Night

Everyone is looking at last night’s results to see who won and who lost.  Looking past the winners and losers of races it’s important to see people not on the ballot and how they were impacted.

In this regard, Chris Christie was the big winner last night (insert fat joke here).  As head of the Republican Governor’s Association Christie played a key role in getting Republicans elected in Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Florida.  Those governors will owe the New Jersey Governor a favor and what better way to pay it back than down the road in late 2015 or early 2016 with an endorsement?

Keeping in mind that governors are key players in state GOPs.  In most cases they control the state party apparatus and can play a big role in helping determine when a state’s primary or caucus may be.  Doubt this?   See what Branstad is going in Iowa to the Straw Poll?

Having these guys as your allies will give Christie a big advantage in locking up establishment support,

Also, after having just spent a year traveling the country Christie has raised his profile even more and had more time with state and county party chairs and committee members.  That kind of face time can again prove invaluable in building the type of far reaching national network that is needed to win a Presidential primary.

When Chris Christie runs last night will be a key springboard to any success.


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