The Difference Between 7-9 and 11-5

After 4 games the Chicago Bears, to quote Dennis Green, are who we thought they were.  They are a good QB, a very good running back, great receivers, ok offensive line, average special teams, and a poor defense.  Put that together and you get probably somewhere between 7-9 and 10-6.

If the Bears are going to break out of this mediocrity they are going to have to improve on defense.  In particular, their defensive line is going to have to be able to put pressure on QBs.  Aaron Rodgers is a great QB but he looked unbelievable because he never felt any pressure.  Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Andy Dalton, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson would have put up similar numbers in the face of no pressure.

For the Bears the season really hinges on how well the defensive line plays.  If they can improve this team can make the playoffs and be a contender.  If they don’t get better it will be another year in Mediocreville.


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