Guess They Don’t Stand with Rand on this One

A poll from the Washington Post-ABC News shows 63% of conservative Republicans and 61% of all Republicans back Obama’s airstrikes in Iraq.

First, Obama has actually done something conservatives support.  That don’t happen every day.  Second, this is a sign that reports of the death of the neocons are greatly exaggerated.  Now, they will not call themselves neocons or Bush Republicans but those are exactly the kind of policies Republicans are supporting when they are willing to back even Obama on Iraq.  Imagine if it was President Walker or Christie who ordered the strikes, support would be in the 80’s.

Third, this is a big problem from Rand Paul.  It is impossible for Paul to escape this non-interventionist foreign policy roots.  Hell, it’s probably what drives half of his support in the GOP.  The thing is that going into a primary where your first goal is to build support among the GOP base it’s a little harder when you and them have a big disagreement on a big issue.  Also, it probably won’t help that your opponents will be CONSTANTLY reminding the voters of that difference.  

It’s not all bad Rand.  The staff of Reason Magazine loves you more than ever.  That’s good for 20-25 votes. 


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