Classic Ricker with a Side of Awesome Sauce

Maybe it’s the glasses or the fact that whatever he does is performing well over expectation but Rick Perry feels like he is on a roll.  And baby there is no reason to slow the Ricker down now.

Here he certainly seemed different from the bumbling Ricker of 2011-12.  Can he keep it going?  He is definitely going to have to adopt the pace of a marathon runner and not a sprinter if he’s going to be successful in 2016.

The first thing he’ll have to do is avoid the mistakes of last time and gain people’s confidence.  The best way to do that is to keep being awesome.  Second, he will have to pick a fight with someone who is polling better than him.  My guess is it will be Rand Paul or Chris Christie.  We’ve seen some of that and I anticipate he’ll see a whole lot more coming up from the Ricker.




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