Coulter Free Zone

I understand pathetic, has been, skank Ann Coulter has said something really stupid and insulting about one of the doctors who caught the Ebola virus in Africa.  Are we supposed to care?  Well, I don’t.

The problem is that too many people are starting to think that by following Coulter’s model and saying outrageous things about the issues of the day you are somehow part of the political discourse.  They’re not.  They’re just morons who are wasting everyone’s time.

Well, since time in precious we aren’t wasting anymore time on Ms. Coulter.  Her yap or what comes from it won’t be gracing the pages of this blog anymore.

If I offended any of the pathetic, has been, skanks out there by comparing them to Ms. Coulter I am sorry.  You guys aren’t THAT bad.


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