A Fool And Their Money

We all know the old saying about a fool and their money being soon parted.  Hillary Clinton really wants to prove that.   According to sources she team is renting out offices in mid-town Manhattan that are:

 Her expansive new space includes nine offices, 14 workstations, one large conference room, and features modern finishes and white walls. It also features floor-to-ceiling glass doors, and windows with sweeping views of Times Square

While I am not expert on real estate prices, how much is that going to cost?  Offices in mid-town Manhattan that size will probably run you at least $250,000.00 a month.  That’s at least $3 million a year folks.  Think of how many offices you could open up in other states for that amount.  Or how many staffers you could hire.  Remember that doesn’t include electricity.  That’s at least another $1000 or so a month.

Clinton made this same mistake last time by having a big office just outside DC.  In this age of super pacs and volunteers being able to make phone calls online why would you need an office like that?  Rick Santorum didn’t have a physical campaign office after Iowa and he went on to win another primaries or caucuses in another 10 states.  Just something to think about.

The only question is will someone step up to burst her bubble, again.


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