Way to Waste a Few Hundred Words

This article about the GOP race makes a few nice points but is pretty incompetent.   First, the author writes about Rick Perry as though he is a major player.  Captain Oops is not.  I don’t care how many hipster glasses he wears, Rick Perry is getting nowhere near the GOP nomination.  Second, he ignore major candidates like Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.   Don’t kid yourself all of them are running and have compelling narratives.

Third, the title focuses on how the GOP base may finally win the nomination but doesn’t actually tell you how that is going to happen.   Maybe because you can’t say at this point.  If you don’t know the primary calendar is hard to map out a victory.  Also, has delegate allotment been decided?  Or a debate schedule agreed too?  No.  Again these are all things that could have an impact on the race.

I know it’s summer, and Matt Welch has cornered the market on how wonderful Rand Paul is right now, but could we please have something interesting from the so-called professional reporters out there.


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