What’s the Matter With Kansas


Apparently, Governor Brownback needs all the friends he can get.

Alot if your Sam Brownback.

The Republican Governor (and former U.S. Senator) is in real trouble.  In his race for reelection Brownback trails Democrat Paul Davis 48-40.  Granted this is only one poll but still the race is in a little over 3 months.  For an incumbent to be under 50% right now is trouble and to trailing is a really dangerous place to be hanging around.

Brownback has alienated many of the GOP’s old guard and that is causing most of this problems.  In fact, many of them are so pissed they endorsed his Democratic opponent.  You know you’ve really pissed people off when they kill whatever was left of their career by crossing over to support your opponent.

For Brownback the presence of a libertarian does not help things.  If you’re an unhappy Republican you can always use that as a protest vote and not have to feel bad about voting for the Democrats.

Keep an eye on this race.  It will certainly be one of the more interesting races in November.


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