FAA’s Anti-Israel? WTF??!

No one’s going to out Israel Ted Cruz.  He is will say anything to let you know he’s go Israel’s back,  even if it’s completely ridiculous.  When the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) announced a ban on US flights going into Tel Aviv, it is a war zone after all, Cruz flipped out.   The Texas Senator decided to  continue blocking confirmation of a series of ambassadorial and other diplomatic nominees in response to the FAA’s actions.

Cruz allegations the FAA’s decision is part of an economic boycott that will hurt Israel.  Of course this boycott is being led by the Obama administration.  Wait?  What about all of the rockets falling on Israel?  Wouldn’t that have something to do with the government wanting to, I don’t know, protect its citizens for going to a battle field.   Not to Senator Cruz.

By trying to whip up sentiments like this Cruz is playing to evangelical Christians who believe support for Israel is paramount to fulfilling end times prophecy.  Dont’ believe me, watch this.






Having the support of these evangelical Christians will be critical for Cruz to win Iowa and South Carolina.

Plus taking a bold stance on Israel draws a sharp contrast with Rand Paul, whose family has a checkered past with Israel, with both social and foreign policy conservatives that will help Cruz.   Let for Cruz to continue to make statements like this as the crisis in Gaza goes on.



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