Ted Cruz, the Tea Party and the Pope

Someone call Oliver Stone!!  There’s something fishy going on down in Mississippi.

Well, at least that’s what Senator Ted Cruz thinks.  The junior senator from the Lone Star State wants an investigation of Thad Cochran’s win over Chris McDaniel.  Cruz claimed there were serious allegations of voter fraud during the run-off.   Let’s remember the key word here is allegations.  Has anything been proven?  No.  Will anything be proven?  I have my doubts.

But of course there has to be something going on doesn’t there.  How else do you fit what happened into the common Tea Party narrative, that being that they never lose in an honest fight.

It must be voter fraud, or ACORN, or the so-called completely unidentifiable “party establishment” stabbing them in the back, that stops the inevitable march to victory that all Tea Partiers feel entitled to.  Of course it is guys.  It’s never just that someone else gets more votes because the voters, gee I don’t know maybe, like them more or think Tea Party ideas/candidates are not good.  Yeah, I know that’s just crazy talk on my part.

Yes, Cruz wants an investigation and that alone will Tea Party infallibility.  Why?  Well of course the investigation will probably not happen.  So then Cruz and company can say “see, we would’ve won but the establishment cheated and their killing this investigation is proof.”  Even if it does happen Cruz can his pals can just blame establishment incompetence.  So the blame game can just go on and on.

For Cruz it is smart politics if we wants to cement his support among the die hard Tea Party activists that he’ll need in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina just to name a few places.  However he will need the Thad Cochran’s of the world at some point…


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