Can I Get Grapes With That Whine?

Chris McDaniel is challenging the results of his loss to Senator Cochran in the recent Mississippi Republican primary run-off.  Not only is he questioning the results, he wants a new election.

This will not end well for McDaniel.

McDaniel had two elections and didn’t get the votes needed to win the seat.  If McDaniel forces a third election, which seems doubtful, he is going to pay the price.

Why?  The public hates two things political campaigns and sore losers.  While they put up with the first one (anyone who has knocked on doors the weekend before a hotly contested election knows what I am talking about)  and actually do turn out to vote.  They don’t want act so kindly to the second and will probably vote against McDaniel just to get him to go away.

The only thing this will do is whip up divisions between the Tea Party and Bush wings of the GOP both locally and nationally.   Aside from creating some great television on FOX News this won’t do very much good for the GOP.

If McDaniel were smart he would go away and look for another opportunity to run for office in Mississippi.


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