Bring Back Anthony Cumia!!

Lost in the shuffle of the World Cup and Fourth of July is what has happened to Anthony Cumia, or simply Anthony, from the Opie and Anthony show.  Apparently he got fired after posting some angry tweets about an incident he had with a woman in New York City.  Really?

I don’t understand why SiriusXM did this.  Yes, I get that he said some things that could offend people.  But he didn’t say them on the air.  It was on his private twitter account.  Second, saying things that offend people is his job.   He is hired to say provocative things on the radio.  Part of what falls under that banner is things that some people may find racially insensitive or offensive.  What did SiriusXM think they were getting when they hired the guy?

Hopefully Anthony will be back on the air soon providing us with funny radio that does sometimes go over the line.



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