Chris Christie’s Determined to Win MSNBC Primary

Chris Christie will be the darling of the non-conservative media in the 2016 GOP primary.  The title that had been held by Jon Huntsman and John McCain will carried forward by Christie.  Let’s review, he’s done slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon, been on Saturday Night Live, spoken in favor of gun control and now this:

You might say Christie can laugh at himself and to a general election audience but how will it play to an activist audience?  Do they want someone chummy with the so-called Mainstream Liberal Media?  No they want someone out for blood.  Someone who is going to lead the charge and smack some sense into the kind of people who watch Fallon on Morning Joe.

Plus on a cultural level it does remind the Southern, midwestern, small town GOP faithful that Christie is a Northeastern city guy, a.k.a. not one of them.


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