The Politics of Soccer

There are none.

That’s right.  Despite all of the talk about how soccer fits into some grand political statement, i.e.  here, here and of course most notably here, it’s all crap.  The reality is that ones enjoyment of soccer or not has NOTHING to do with politics.  You can be as liberal as Elizabeth Warren and think soccer sucks or you can be to the right of Ted Cruz and love soccer.  There is no connection.  Why do I say this?  I liberals who find soccer a yawn fest and conservatives who love it.


Does this man like soccer? Does it matter?

You don’t believe me, what are Hope Solo’s politics or Neymar’s thoughts on the impact of global trade on economic development in South American countries?

You don’t know and up until this exact second you have never cared to even think about it these of those two questions.  Does that make my point of meaningless any connection between a game and public policy really is?

Of course this is part of a much larger problem in our society, people who look for politics in EVERYTHING.   You know, the people who won’t go see a Sean Penn movie because he was pals with Hugo Chavez or won’t listen to Free For All by Ted Nugent because of his stance on guns.

I get that people have strong convictions but life is too short and painful enough to deny yourself the opportunity to feel good over a song, movie or sporting event.


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