Here’s How to Shut Chris Christie Up

The Supreme Court did the impossible on Monday.  They actually found a way to close Chris Christie’s yapper.  Wow.  I am impressed. Here is Christie’s reaction to the Court’s contraception ruling yesterday.

“Why should I give an opinion as to whether they were right or wrong? At the end of the day, they did what they did.”

Now that is a profile in courage.  Really.  It takes someone with real stones to say nothing when most of his party is thrilled.  For example Ted Cruz said it was a “landmark victory for religious liberty… The decision affirms that Americans, contrary to what the Obama administration attempted to impose, have a right to live and work in accordance to their conscience and can’t be forced to surrender their religious freedom once they open a business.”

Finger in the face

Want to shut me up? Put on a judges robe.

Of course Cruz was not alone in his praise.  The FOX News Channel acted like they had just won the Super Bowl and swept the Emmys all on the same day.

There is another way to look at this.

Maybe Christie’s lack of a response shows the tension many Bush Republicans feel these days.  While it is easy to throw the base a bone on this ruling there is a flip side that if the country is still debating this in 2016 many suburban moderates will be turned off to the GOP.  Look no further than Virginia and Ken Cuccinelli to see how these kind of social issues can bit the GOP even when they face weak Democratic opposition.

But can Christie, or really any potential nominee get away with being silent on these kind of issues and rulings with today’s GOP?  So many people in the party, especially at the activist level believe Romney lost because he didn’t take the fight to Obama (I guess that whole first debate thing was just an illusion).

Will they be welling to put up with someone who remains quiet or will they demand someone who storms the brigades and leads them to the glorious victory they know they’ve always deserved?  You really don’t have to think too hard to see which way that one is going.



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