Hillary Clinton Is Overrated Part 1

Right now everyone assumes the Democratic nomination and the Presidency are Hillary Clinton’s for the taking.  The nomination and campaign, according to this line of thought, are merely formalities.  Don’t believe it.  Far from being this unstoppable juggernaut Hillary Clinton is actually very beatable.

Hillary Clinton

When she faces real opposition she doesn’t end up smiling.

Consider this, who has she ever beat in a political contest?  Rick Lazio.  No offense to the former Congressman but Carl Paladino clobbered Lazio the last time he ran statewide.  So we aren’t talking about someone who could sell ice to the eskimos.  and some no-name in 2006.

Remember in 2000 that was a Presidential race year and the Democrats won New York comfortably (Gore beat Bush 60-35) so Clinton winning by 12% is not that remarkable.   It is also worth noting that Clinton did under perform the party statewide.

In 2006, Clinton faced token opposition in a great year for Democrats.

So when has she faced a real challenge?  In 2008, she finally got to take on someone with equal resources and I think it’s pretty clear who was the better politician in that race.  Not that I want to be just giving speeches.

Could it happen again?  Absolutely.  There are people in the Democratic Party who would take her.  Who?  Stay tuned and we’ll talk more.


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