Jindal Looking for A Little Christian Charity

Bobby Jindal looks in the mirror and sees a future President.  He also hopes that millions of Evangelical Christian voters will look at him and see the same thing.   His efforts appear to be drawing praise from Christian conservative big-wigs like Tony Perkins and Mike Farris who said:

“I think he’s a top-tier candidate and he’ll resonate a lot with that community.”

The Tea Party and the Ayn Rand Fan Club may garner all of the media attention these days but Christian conservatives should not be overlooked.  They were the backbone on the insurgent runs of Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.  Any GOP candidate who wants to get out of Iowa and win in the South and Plains states will need the so-called “Religious Right” on their side.

Bobby Jindal may have many flaws as a candidate but choosing to target this group is not one of them.


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