Acting Like a Brat

It appears there are some bitter feelings left over from David Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor.  The Washington Post reports:

Cantor loyalists who still sit on the 7th District Committee outmaneuvered Brat supporters to strip the committee of most of its budget — nearly $400,000. In a savvy bit of parliamentary procedure, they voted to send the money to national GOP organizations based in Washington — leaving empty-handed the conservative activists who planned to use the money to build a get-out-the-vote operation to complement Brat’s fledgling campaign.

What does this mean?

First, it shows the local party is not united behind Brat and some of them would prefer it if they lost the seat to the Democrats this time and then someone else (i.e. Eric Cantor) could come back and win it in 2016.  Second, the fight between the Tea Party and Bush Republicans is just beginning.  Far from being a decisive victory that forces the Bush Republicans to toe the Tea Party line this move shows the Bushies are going start fighting back.

Third, Democrats (if they run a good campaign) could potentially steal this seat.  That’s what the Bush Republicans want.  Why?  So they can turn around and say “see what happens when the Tea Party gets its way, the GOP loses in November.  Just like Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Christine O’Donnell.”  Fourth, this fight will continue into 2016.


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