Black Like Thad

Apparently Thad Cochran’s campaign is making a push to get African-Americans to vote for him in the upcoming runoff election.  I know they say desperate times call for desperate measures but this is REALLY desperate.

Efforts like this almost never work.  Why?  First, most people don’t like politics and don’t want to spend the time and energy going to vote unless they think it is either important or someone they like.  Are African-Americans in Mississippi, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, going to have that much of an affinity for Cochran or see that much of a difference between one Conservative Republican or another?  The answer to both is a big no.

Second, who is actually going to turn them out?  Is Cochran really going to have an operation in place to make the phone calls, knock on doors, and drag people to the polls? Most likely not.

Can Cochran get more desperate?  Yes.  Don’t be surprised if we see LGBT for Cochran.



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