Who to Root On In The World Cup Part 1

Many of my friends are not fans of soccer but want a team to root on in the World Cup, aside from Team USA.  So who should they support.  This is my attempt to help them.  I’ll list a country and which US sports teams they correspond to, so you can feel comfortable supporting them (there are no hockey teams listed because I don’t follow hockey and hockey is basically ice soccer anyways).  Some teams will overlap.


Cleveland Browns, New York Knicks, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Mets, Dallas Cowboys.  You like you’re team with tradition and rabid (aka obnoxious) fan base.  The problem is that you are also used to disappointment and your arch rivals usually are the one winning the title and the hearts of commentators.


L.A. Lakers, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees.  Winning is fun isn’t it?  So aren’t tradition and big bandwagon fan effect.  You with style, showmanship, and consistently great players.  The problem is that it’s all or nothing for you  If you don’t win the title the whole season is a disaster and if you do win then it was supposed to happen anyways.


Pittsburgh Steelers, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spur, St. Louis Cardinals.  You win consistently and have had a strong stream of memorable players and coaches.  However, most times you don’t  do it with the flash of others, in fact you can be downright boring, but who cares?  This isn’t gymnastics, style points don’t count.


San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Rays, Phoenix Suns. You’re exciting too watch and have a history of being competitive but you just can’t win the big one.  If style points counted you would be champs but this ain’t gymnastics.  Unfortunately your usual tormentors (see above) no this all too well.


Miami Heat, New England Patriots.  You’re the new kids on the block.  After years of frustration you are on run of good luck.  Now shut the fuck up because we all are tired of you already.


Chicago Bears, Baltimore Orioles, Portland Trailblazers.  You a team with tradition and some great player in the past but things have been a little slim in the past.  Plus, you’re hatred of the sports favored teams means you’re always an angry outsider.  But fuck it, your day may be coming before you know it.

More to come…


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