Going to get Randy About Iraq

I think Matt Welch is a pretentious clown who goes on waayy too much about Randpaul but even a broken clock is right twice a day.   What’s he right about?  When it comes to Iraq, Randpaul really is the most interesting person in American politics.

With Iraq going down the crapper as fast as it can you bet many in the GOP (calling Senator McCain and William Kristol) will be demanding US action.   This will be a popular thought in the party.  People like McCain will get a chance to say Obama is weak, we got Iraq right, and that only by going back the ways of Bush/Cheney can we get it right again.


Yup, I’m stuck.

How will Paul respond?  Sure he’ll attack Obama but that only goes so far.  At some point RandPaul will have to say what he would do.  If he says nothing he will alienate large segments of the GOP electorate, especially in the South, who favor an aggressive US foreign policy.  If Randpaul talks of any intervention he will alienate his dad’s old supporters who are the base of his political career.

The reality is that Randpaul knows he’ll need both wings of the party if he is going to win the nomination.  You can bet someone, like say Ted Cruz, will be doing everything to remind folks just how divisive Randpaul can be within the party.  So Iraq and discussion of US intervention in Iraq is the last thing Paul wants people to be reminded of if he ever wants to get out of his dad’s shadow.

Guess it is going to be interesting times for the supposedly most interesting man in American politics.


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