House of Cards – Why DC Sucks

Some in the D.C. political media HATE the show House of Cards.  They say it is not realistic and it makes D.C. looks evil.  First, it is not realistic because it’s a TELEVISION show.  The real world of Congress is really boring and filled with people who are not half as interesting as they think they are (imagine guys who really like the Dave Matthews Band and gals who make the inane morons on Sex and the City seem intelligent).  People fight over pointless things like naming Post Offices and answering constituent letters.  If people saw that reality the show would last about 3 episodes.

Second, as for D.C. looking evil, if the shoe fits fucking where it.  D.C. is not a place driven by ideas or hard work.  It’s about money.  You can walk the halls of Congress and run into way too many people who are their because dad and mom wrote a big check and now jr. gets to play staffer.  Unfortunately that does not just apply to the staffers.

Frankly, because we can’t really talk about (or let along do something about) class distinctions in this country people have to take out their frustrations in some way.  How do they do that?  By watching an anti-hero like Frank Underwood claw his way to the top with the thought that if the world were a fair place may they would have a chance to do something like that.

As I said before, it’s fantasy people.


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