9:00 pm – Now that Chris Hayes and his mangina are taking a break, we can watch the SOTU.

9:02 pm – Chris Matthews has to yammer on about some woman from Pennsylvania he wants to bang.  Welcome to Shockville!!

9:04 pm – If your member of Congress is one of those people who camps out all day to get a good seat at the SOTU and you still vote for them – congratulations you are a fucking moron.

9:09 pm – One last pointless Chris Matthews ramble before we start.

9:18 – First Biden standing o of the night – have a shot on me.

9:22 – Obama talking about income inequality.  This ain’t the 80’s baby.

9:27 – You think Biden is sexting during the speech?

9:31 – What the hell was Biden grinning about a few minutes ago?  Is he setting up a quickie?

9:35-  Eric Cantor looked really thrilled when immigration reform was mentioned.

9:45 – Obama talks about equal play for equal work and the cameras pan to the women in the crowd, yet they don’t focus on Boehner.  That would’ve been better television.

9:49 – They showed Richard Trumpka.  He looks like every bad union boss in every bad movie ever.

9:51 – Marco Rubio looked really happy that Obama praised him.  You know that will go far with the party base.

9:56 – Translating Obama to GOP “go fuck yourself!!”

10:19 – Recognizing Army Ranger was the most powerful part of the speech.  Nice way to build to the end in a unifying speech.

Good but a little long speech from Obama.  Looked like President is ready for a fight in 2014.  He will get it in the fall. On to the GOP’s rebuttals.


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