Yawn Alert – Double Down

I have been reading the sequel to Game Change, Double Down, and it is mostly a big yawn.  The only really interesting part was the Republican nomination fight, which the authors could have spent much more time on covering.

Instead we get to read several pages about how Axlerod and Plouiffe don’t  like Joe Biden and Bill Daley.  Wow, that’s really fascinating, two political hacks don’t like a big mouth and an old time politician.  Stop the presses!!

Maybe it is what they had to work with.  The two stars, Mitt Romney and President Obama seem like dull people.  They don’t have the biography of John McCain or the personal drama of the Clintons.  Obama and Romney are very calculating and controlled people, I am sure that is why they go to where they are (that and Mitt begin born loaded), but it makes they really boring to read about.

Also, how can the anyone write about the 2012 GOP nomination fight and just ignore Ron Paul completely.  Coming out of the 2012 election Paul’s supporters did make more progress toward taking over the GOP and the state and local level in places like Maine, Iowa and Nevada.  To ignore this seems foolish, especially considering how this will help Paul’s son Rand in 2012.

If you are looking for a good political book I would skip Double Down.


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