Rubio’s Picking Up Where He Left Off

2013 were twelve months Marco Rubio would like to forget.  First, there was his State of the Union rebuttal.  Which is only remembered for him being really thirsty.  Second there was his falling poll numbers thanks to his support of immigration reform.  Lastly, there was seeing challengers like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul move past him in the polls.

It appears 2014 is not starting off any better. His speech today, on the anniversary of LBJ launching the War On Poverty, was slammed by critics on the right.  Heritage Foundation ‘Scholars’ attacked it for not really changing anything and for potentially giving more liberal states the ability to undermine welfare reform.

Rubio really can’t catch a break these days.  Hard to believe it was only 12 months ago that we heralded as the savior of the GOP.


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