Of Course It Will Be Nick

Much like Charlie Brown and the football, professional Libertarians like Nick Gillespie can’t resist temptation.  His temptation is not kicking a ball but proclaiming that EVERY little thing is a sign that we are at the dawn of libertarian nirvana.

If you have a minute for the latest evidence of this check out this post. The former teen magazine editor proclaims that 2014 may be the most libertarian year ever.  Citing people’s dislike of Obamacare, one poll that says people think government is the biggest threat to their liberty, and hope that the mid-term elections will bring more libertarian minded people to power (yeah, I can see a whole bunch of pro-gay marriage, and pro-pot legalization Republicans getting elected, I can also so England winning the World Cup too) are his proof of this laughable claim.

Gillespie of course ignores what happened last year politically, except the parts he likes.  Let’s remember the GOP’s most successful politicians won after openly embracing Obama and the federal governments help in dealing with a natural disaster (where was the magic of the market).  The country’s largest city elected a mayor who wants to tax the rich and keep Bloomberg’s public health work (smoking bans and cigarette taxes) in place.  In the Virginia, the GOP lost the Governor’s office to a guy who wants to dramatically expand Medicaid.  Just for good measure Reason should also remember a declared Socialist was elected to the city council in Seattle.

So before everyone starts telling of the upcoming libertarian era they may want to look at reality.


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