Dates to Keep an Eye On

Here are some big political dates coming up in 2014:

January 28 – State of the Union:  Keep an eye on not only what Obama says but who offers the GOP rebuttal.  The rebuttal can be a political kiss of death so who turns it down is just as important as who gives it.

March 6-8 – CPAC: This is the right’s big annual political trade show.  Look to see who speaks on the first date, that is normally when the top tier candidates go first. Also, who will give the headline speech.   Lastly, how is Christie treated by the crowd.  Lastly, who wins the straw poll.  The winner of that will be the conservative frontrunner for a while. Those will tell you the state of play in the GOP race

May 20 – Kentucky Primary:  Will Mitch McConnell survive?  Remember that this point in 2010 and 2012, Most in D.C. think he will. Most of them thought Mike Castle was a shoo-in for Delaware and that Dick Lugar would never lose a primary. Tea party candidates surge late so don’t count Bevin out.

November 4 – Election Day:  The GOP has a great shot to retake the Senate but the party’s celebration could be toned down by potential losses in the Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin governor’s races.


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