The Downward Spiral Begins

For the Chicago Bears the downward spiral has just started.  They finished 8-8 after starting 3-0.  Although they did notch playoff wins against teams like Cincinnati, Green Bay, Baltimore, and Dallas, they were not a very well coached team.  How else can you explain the lackluster performances over the last two weeks?

The defense, which for the Bears is like saying the heart and soul of the team, was pathetic.  Did they hold anyone under 20 points all year?  They looked old, slow, out of position and undisciplined.  Case in point, you know last year someone would have dove for the “fumbled” ball that lead to a Green Bay touchdown.  This year, everyone stood around and watched.

Special teams was not much better.  The amount of penalties and fumbles committed this season would have embarrassed recent Bear teams.

Let’s be honest, take away a great receiving corp and a good running back, what do the Bears really have?  Is Jay Cutler the answer?  I don’t think so, but apparently Trestman does.  Why else would he bring him back when McCown had the hot hand in the middle of a playoff push?

I get the feeling the Bears are leaving an era of being competitive for one of frustration and losses.  Hopefully I am wrong but after the last two games I don’t feel very optimistic about their chances going forward.


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