Weighty Issues

Surprise, surprise, surprise it turns out Glenn Beck doesn’t like Chris Christie.  On CNN last night he called the New Jersey Governor a fat nightmare. Even though the host, SE Cupp, pushed back saying that Christie polls the best against Hillary Clinton in many national polls it did not matter to Christie.

The blackboard loving former-FOX News host said Christie was a progressive because of his positions on gun control, global warming, and unions.  When Beck mentioned unions the head of the New Jersey teacher unions most of let out a laugh.  When it comes to dealing with public sector unions in the Garden State Christie is hardly Bernie Sanders.

Comments like this from Beck play both ways with Christie.  They will help rally some tea partiers against Christie but they will also remind the party establishment that Christie may be their best shot to defeat candidates supported by the likes of Beck.  Make no mistake, if Beck’s dream candidates (whoever they are) got a hold of the GOP it would be electoral poison.


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