That Old Time Religion?


Huckabee on the trail with the Nature Boy, WOOO!!

Stories are surfacing that Mike Huckabee is thinking about running in 2016.  In 2008 Huckabee came from nowhere to win the Iowa Caucuses and take primary victories in states like Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kansas.  A pretty impressive showing for a guy who had less money, name recognition, and organization than his more well known opponents like McCain or Mitt Romney.

Part of Huckabee’s success was a mixture of his strong support from religious conservatives and his candidate skills.  Huckabee could be funny, engaging, and seemed to be one of the few people who actually enjoyed being on the campaign trail.  How many people could get the support of Bob Vander Plaats in Iowa and Ric Flair.

But will it work again?  Huckabee is not a fresh face anymore and won’t be coming from nowhere to score surprise wins.  No, in 2016 he will be a well known face with very high expectations.  The guy has had a tv shows for several years after all.

This time he won’t be the only solid social conservative out there. Do the names Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Mike Pence ring any bells?

Huckabee had a great run in 2008.  It shook up the race and changed his life.  To think he can repeat that magic in 2016 would probably require a miracle.


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