The Battle For Texas

Texas is such a Republican state that whoever wins the primary will be the next U.S. Senator or Governor.  So the fact that John Cornyn now has a primary challenge for Tea Party darling Congressman Steve Stockman suddenly makes things interesting in the Lone Star state.

Cornyn is a party establishment favorite and has solid ratings from conservative groups but the question is does that matter to the party base?  Does the GOP base, in its biggest state, want a dependable conservative vote or a firebrand.  If the state GOP U.S. Senate race is any indication the firebrand should be favored.

Senator Rafi Cruz has already refused to endorse Cornyn, will he take a more active role in the race?  If so, how will the party establishment respond?  You can bet Rubio, Walker, Paul, and Christie will be staying away from this one.


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