Sleeper Issue – Cutting Number of Bowl Games

This year there will be 35 college bowl games played from December 21-January 6, 2014.  So 70 teams, including a couple with 6 loses will be playing in a bowl game.  Where is the flag for excessive celebration?

Bear Bryant

You think he’d play in a bowl if his team had 6 loses?

Aren’t bowl games supposed to be an honor, a reward for a great season that only goes to the very best teams in the sport?  Is it really that much of an honor if all it takes is to win 6 out of 12 games (with at least half your wins coming against teams you are clearly better than)?  To be one of 70, when about 125 teams play in Division 1, is really not that much or an honor.

Why do we need so many bowl games now?  It wasn’t that long ago that we only had 18 bowls, or perish the thought 12 bowl games, to keep us happy.  Yet somehow we survived.  If the old system was good enough for Bear Bryant, Tom Osbourne, John McKay, and Ara Parseghain I think Jim Mora Jr. and Urban Meyer would be able to live with it as well.

Someone should stop this insanity.  The candidate who does will have the respect and support of millions of sports fans who think we’re living an example of too much of a good thing.


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