No Club For Steve

The Club For Growth has decided to stay neutral in the Texas U.S. Senate primary fight.  This is a bit of set back for Steve Stockman, who will need a united tea party to beat John Cornyn.  Though it appears the Madison Project is not leaving Stockman all by his lonesome.  Madison’s policy director said the following about the incumbent:

“As Minority Whip, Senator John Cornyn’s main job is to unite 41 votes against liberal legislation. On issue after issue, Cornyn has failed to whip votes against the Democrats, effectively handing Senator Harry Reid a supermajority.  Texans are starving for two fighters, and news of a primary challenger is quite welcome. The Madison Project hasn’t met with any challengers yet, but we are hopeful that someone will emerge as a viable and consistent conservative alternative.”

If you read between the lines you can almost hear him saying “get the endorsement press release ready for Stockman.”

Aside from taking down McConnell in Kentucky getting rid of Cornyn in Texas would be the biggest prize those looking to enforce ideological discipline in the GOP could hope to collect in 2014.  Looks like it’s no sure thing they will all be hunting together.


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